Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There have been some changes to the schedule from the time that I posted the last one. Mishaps with the DVDs, disappearance from the mail of some films, promises not being kept etc etc...
But we think that now we have a good line-up of films and they are the ones that will hopefully convey the theme that we have chosen for the festival this year...that of Hope, Adjustment and Integration. Rather than concentrating on the circumstances that lead to the creation of a refugee population, this year we have moved forward and chosen narratives that emphasise the resilience and adaptability of man. Against all odds, the lives that have been uprooted and disrupted are healed in their new environment. The barriers of culture and language are overcome and new lives are built.
Maybe in this strife-torn world, intergration and adaptation are the answers/solution to the quesitons and the problem

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